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The 2017 Open Starts this Week!

CrossFIt Games Open Starts this Week

It's almost here! The CrossFit Games Open starts this Friday!

This is an exciting time of year where we can celebrate our fitness and hard work we have put into training. 

If you haven't yet registered make sure to do so by going to

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The Best of Julien Pineau Podcasts

The Best of Julien Pineau

Julien Pineau is a movement specialist trained to visualize and correct proper human movement patterns.   His brain is wired to see faulty patterns and visualize, in space, how people move. With his knack for diagnosing muscular & strength imbalances, he has developed his own system to identify what the issues are and fight the root of the problem.

Julien has been on numerous podcasts sharing knowledge with the world.  Below are some of his best to date.

Currently, Julien is touring the…

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SocialWOD shutting down - Log results in WODup


Up until now, we have logged every workout result we have put on the whiteboard using SocialWOD.  Unfortunately, the developers will be shutting down the website in February.  

You can export all your results from SocialWOD and keep them for your records.  

Click here to learn how to export

We will be moving all of our workout tracking to WODup.  WODup has some really cool features to help you get the most out your…

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January Updates


Happy New Year!  

Here are some updates on things going on at Chikara in January.  

2017 Goal Board

We have created a large goal board for everyone to write down one short term and one long term goal they would like to achieve in the gym.  

What do you want to achieve in the next 1 - 3 months?  What about this year?  

Write it down and let everyone see it to give you motivation every day you are in the gym to put in a little extra work on the things you want to achieve. 

Updated 8pm Class Schedule

This week we will have an 8pm Group…


Meet Yasu!


We are super excited to welcome our new coach, Yasu, to the Chikara team.  

Yasu recently graduated from University Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Exercise Science. He has been engaged in fitness as a CrossFitter, rugby player, fitness model, and strength trainer.  With 15 years experience in fitness, he brings a wealth of knowledge about training and nutrition.

Here are some words from Yasu...

I am very excited to be working as a coach at Chikara Crossfit. I started Crossfit because I like challenging workouts and the sense of achievement after the workouts, but…


Improving Shoulder Positions


Proper range of motion for the shoulder is essential to perform movements like the overhead squat and muscle-up.  Often athletes are limited either by tightness, weakness or a combination of both in the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. 

Here are two auxiliary exercises from Julien Pineau at Strongfit that you can add before and after class to help improve the positions and strength in your shoulders.  

The key here is that you are strengthening the triceps, lats, and biceps under tension at end ranges.  Start off with light weight…



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