Donny Shankle Seminar | Chikara CrossFit
When: Sunday, May 13, 2018, 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Chikara CrossFit

Donny Shankle Clean

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The seminar will cover the elements of becoming the best weightlifter you can be from the physical to the mental.

At the end of the seminar, you will learn (among other things) the Twelve Musts to apply to your lifting technique, proper progressions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and how to teach them yourself, principles to achieve optimum performance, subordinate exercises for variation and its importance, how to train and design your own program for your personal record results, how to prepare for a competition, and the psychology of a weightlifter.

The psychology is commonly forgotten in seminars but it is important to learn how to get out of your head, lift with authority, and learn how to win.

The seminar will be a combination of lecture and storytelling, demonstrations, hands-on practice for technique and PR attempts, individual coaching, and video analysis of the best in action (subject to equipment availability).

All attendees must bring a pair of weightlifting shoes and be able to do an overhead squat to full depth (hips below knees).

1) Style and Musts
• Your own style is important when you lift but why?
• Learn all twelve musts to apply to your technique
• The importance of the Back Squat and its three fundamentals
• Understanding the importance of Line of Balance and Center of Gravity

2) The Snatch Progression
• Demonstration (SN)
• Learn and be able to teach the progression
• Hands on practice and individual coaching

3) Speed, Time, Comfort Zones, and S.A.I.D.
• Short lecture on the importance of all concepts and how they apply to your

4) The Jerk Progression
• Learn the split reference points
• Learn and be able to teach the progression
• Hands on practice and individual coaching

5) What is weightlifting?
• How to become a professional
• Various stories
• The beginning of understanding principle

6) The Clean Progression
• Demonstration (C&J)
• Learn and be able to teach the progression
• Put the C&J together
• Hands on practice and individual coaching

7) Training session
• Learn the training principles to achieve optimum performance
• Learn how to choose attempts
• Attempt new SN and C&J personal records w/ individual coaching

8) Subordinate Exercises (sub ex’s)
• Learn fifteen additional exercises to help you understand the importance of
• Types of sub ex’s and classes

9) How to Train
• Learn the only program
• Lecture on Focus and Principle and why they are important
• Template Design
• How to devise your own program to achieve results long term
• How to prepare for competition
• See examples

10) Psychology
• How to get out of your head
• How to lift with authority
• Learn all commands and corresponding virtues behind the pull
• Learn how to achieve gold

11) Video Analysis
• See the best in action and what they do right

12) Q&A

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Seminar Fee: ¥37,500

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