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Chikara 8th Anniversary Party!


The Chikara 8th Anniversary Party will be Saturday, August 4th!!

Event Schedule :

13:00~14:00  「Challenge Workout Game」

14:00~17:00 「Food and Drinks with CrossFit Games viewing」

You can enjoy ice cold GOOSE ISLAND craft beer!! They supported us for this…


Log Result from Mobile WodUp


Here are the directions to log your scores in WodUp from your mobile device. 

1. Go to and Sign in. 

If you don't know your password you can reset it by clicking on "Forgot your password?"

2. After you sign in, you will see Today's WOD.  Click on the workout section to see the details. 

3. Click on My Result and "Log Your Result" to enter your scores. 


If there were assigned percentages for the strength portions, those weights will automatically be filled.  You can change…


Donny Shankle Seminar


The seminar will cover the elements of becoming the best weightlifter you can be from the physical to the mental.

At the end of the seminar, you will learn (among other things) the Twelve Musts to apply to your lifting technique, proper progressions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and how to teach them yourself, principles to achieve optimum performance, subordinate exercises for variation and its importance, how to train and design your own program for your personal…


Tokyo Weightlifting Competition 2018


It will be held by Japan Weightlifting Association in Tokyo on May, 3rd and 4th, and all age division for this event.

All members can join if you have every requirement. You need to pass a weightlifting test before the competition except age 35+.

Please read the information below and Email us if you are interested to compete by April 9th. We'll register as a Chikara Weightlifting team.


1)Organizer: Tokyo Weightlifting Association



After Open Picnic!


Come out to celebrate the end of the CrossFit Games Open and the start of spring!! Hopefully, the Cherry Blossom just be starting to bloom!

We will plan to meet in the park from 1:30pm and go until Sunset. The place will be in Hinokicho Park behind to Tokyo Midtown.

All family and friends are welcome to join!

We will get to park early to claim a spot. Click here for a google map of the spot:

You can walk from the Chikara Gym about 10min. Closest…


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