WOD | Chikara CrossFit


WOD - 25 May 2017 (Thu)

A1. Shoulder Press, @32X1, 3-5 reps:
rest 1:30min
A2. Bent over barbell Row @30X1, 8-12 ;rest 1:30
x5 rounds

B. In team of two, Row 3k for time.


“Selfish action imprisons the world. Act selflessly, without any thought of personal profit.”
― Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

WOD - 24 May 2017 (Wed)

A1. Single-leg Deadlift, 7-10 reps/side, rest 1:00
A2. Ring Push-ups, AMRAP, rest 1:30
x 4 sets

B. Accumulate 1 - 3 mins in an L-Sit on parallettes

C. Tabata Burpees

WOD - 23 May 2017 (Tue)

A1. Front Squat @21X1, 6-8reps, rest 1min,
A2. 1-arm High Pull, 6-10reps, rest 1min
x 4sets

C. Every 2min x8sets
10s Spint on Airbike
50m Suitcase Carry (1-arm Farmer's carry 25m/arm)


"No pain no gain is not the only way. It is just a matter of how you look at it." - Otoya 

WOD - 22 May 2017 (Mon)

Every 4:30
3-7 Power Snatch
10-15 Box Jump
x 4

3-7 Power Clean
20 - 50 Double-unders
x 3


Double unders are a representation of how you deal with any other obstacle in life." - Otoyasan

WOD - 20 May 2017 (Sat)

For time In teams of 2
Run 4x100m
100 KB Swings
Run 4x100m
100 Push-up/ 60 HSPU
Run 4x100 100
DB Step-ups & over
Run 4x100m
100 Pull-up