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A Look At The 2017 CrossFit Games Open in Japan

CrossFit continues to grow in Japan and this year is the biggest year yet for participation in the CrossFit Games Open.

In 2011, there was only one team and a handful of individual athletes participating in the CrossFit Open from Japan.  This year we're seeing record growth. 

Here is a quick look at the 2017 numbers for the Open in Japan.

Total Participants

First, we'll look at the total participants. The total number of athletes this year is 661. This is up over 60% from 2016 which is huge considering we only saw a 10% increase from 2015.

CrossFit Open Athletes in Japan

The surprising fact of this growth is that it mostly came from the women. The number of women participants in the Open from Japan rose over 250% after being stagnant the past year.


Next, we'll look at the number of athletes participating at CrossFit Affiliates. Out of the 661 total participants, 539 of them are participating as a member of an affiliate.

Reebok CrossFit Asia leads in the number of participants with 84 people. Chikara, Daikanyama, and Habu follow closely with over 50 people each.

CrossFit Members at Affiliates


Out of the 27 affiliates in Japan, 11 of them put together teams for the Open. This is the largest number of teams ever in the CrossFit Games Open from Japan. CrossFit Asia is continuing its strong hold at the top of the leaderboard with two teams. Chikara CrossFit this year has the largest team with 53 members.

CrossFit Games Open Teams in Japan

Only Part of the Story

Keep in mind that the number of people participating in the CrossFit Games Open is only a fraction of the total number training using the CrossFit methodology. However, It's exciting to see the continued growth of CrossFit in Japan along with the growth of the community worldwide.

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