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The 2018 Open at Chikara

It's almost here! The CrossFit Games Open starts 23 February!

This is an exciting time of year where we can celebrate our fitness and hard work we have put into training. 

If you haven't yet registered make sure to do so by going to

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CrossFit Games Open Gym

Saturday Events

This year we will be running events similar to the past years. We will have competition style events on Saturdays in place of the regular Group Classes.

Registering for Heats

We will have heat sign-ups starting every 20mins from 8:20am - 12pm. 

***Please note*** that start times may vary depending on the workout announcements. Make sure you check the website and your email Friday afternoon for final announcements and changes to the schedule.

Sign-ups for heats will be through the Mindbody scheduler. You can register just like you normally would for classes either through the Class Schedule on the website or through the Mindbody App

Each heat will have 4 spots available.  Please register for an available spot prior to signing up on a waitlist.

Those officially registered in the Open on the CrossFit Games website will be given priority to participate in the Saturday events.  This ensures you have "Skin in the Game" and helps keep the events fun and exciting for everyone.

Preparing for Your Heat

The time you register for will be the time you will start the workouts. Plan to arrive at least 20 - 30min before your heat time to make sure you are warmed up and ready to go when your heat is called.

We will have a warm-up area with recommended things to do prior competing in your heat.

Unable to Attend Saturday?

During the Open, we will have Open Gym on Fridays.  If you are unable to attend the Saturday events, there will be space available on Fridays after the workout announcement designated to complete the workouts. Final make-ups with limited space will be on Mondays from 9am - 5pm and 8pm - 9pm.

If you are coming in on Friday or Monday to make-up the workouts, please coordinate with another member of the gym to help judge.  Coaches will only be available to coach during those times. 

2x / Week Members

If you are a 2x/wk member these Saturday events do not count towards your Group Classes. You can register for the Saturday events in addition to 2 Group classes during the week.


We will need everyone competing to also volunteer to judge at least one other person during the Saturday events.

We strongly encourage everyone to take the CrossFit Judges course. The course is a great way to review the movement standards so you know how to perform them, as well as be able to judge others effectively.

To register and take the CrossFit Judges Course visit:

Note, only athletes intending to qualify for regionals will need to be judged by someone who has passed the course.

Volunteers Need

The Saturday events can't be a success without the help of volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer to help on Saturdays please email us to let us know which Saturdays and what times you can help out. 

Roles that we need with are:

  • Head Judges - Coordinating judging during event, ensuring scores are accurate and submitted
  • Equipment Managers - Ensuring equipment is set up properly

CrossFit Games Open Judges


If you are visiting from out of town and want to compete in the CrossFit Games Open we will try to help you the best we can.  

The best time to complete the workout would be Friday during Open Gym.  If you don't have someone to judge you we will try to help find one of our members to help or we will have a video set-up you can use. 

If you want to compete on Saturday, please do not register until Saturday morning for any remaining spots available.  This gives our regular members a chance to register first.  If you register before Saturday, your reservation will be removed.

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