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Tips for 17.3

Here are some quick tips for CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.3

Here is a recommended warm-up for 17.3

General Warmup

2-4 rounds of:
30s Bike
10 Pass Throughs w/PVC
30s Row
10 Overhead Squats w/PVC

then Banded Shoulder warmup and some thoracic extension with foam roller

Snatch Warmup (with Barbell)

2 rounds of:
3-5 Hang Snatch High Pulls
3-5 Hang Muscle Snatch
3-5 Overhead Squats

2 rounds of:
2-3 High Hang Snatch
2-3 Hang Snatch
2-3 Snatch

Specific Warm-up

1-3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
1 Snatch (increasing weight up until your goal weight for the workout)

Pacing Strategy

Here is pacing strategy you can use to help you hit your goals. 

CrossFit Games Open Pacing Chart

Courtesy of Thrivestry. 

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