Special Throw Down @CrossFit Yoyogi | Chikara CrossFit
When: Saturday, Jun 29, 2019, 1:30PM - 4:30PM


It will be held as a Special Throw Down at CrossFit Yoyogi, Saturday, June 29.

Door Open : 1:30 PM
Game starts: 2:00 PM
This event is Free!
「Event 1」 individual division
Perform above three workouts for each of A, B, and C and compete for an overall score.
「Event 2」 Team division
We are looking for 5 people to compete in this event.
If there are five or more team members, it is OK no matter how many people there are!
Each team member will do the above five workouts and compete for the overall score.
You can work out one by one, or in pairs, or you can work out two workouts.
※You can join either RX or scale.
※Each winner has a prize from Reebok Japan! !
To register, please email us info@chikaracrossfit.com or fill in the application form next to the gym toilet.
We look forward to your participation! !

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