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Tips for 17.4

The CrossFit Games Open workout 17.4 is...  16.4

If you completed this workout last year, look back at your score and think about your game plan for this year.  If you are new to this workout, thing about a goal that you want to hit and determine a working / rest pace to help get you there.  

Here are some tips from last years 16.4.

General Warm-up

You should be familiar with what works best for you by now. As always start with a general aerobic warm-up.

3-4 rnds
Row 1min
8-10 Lunges
Airbike 1min
8-10 KB Swing / Banded good mornings


1-2 rounds of
Wrist Stretches
Downdog Lunge complex

Specific Warm-up

2-4 rounds of:
5 Deadlifts (increasing weight)
5 - 10 Wall Balls
5 Cals of Rowing
1-3 HSPU / HR Push-ups

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