WOD - 02 Jan 2018 (Tue) | Chikara CrossFit

WOD - 02 Jan 2018 (Tue)

Warm Up:
2-3 Rounds, Not for Time:
100 Mini Hops
10 Push-Ups to Downward Dog
15 Slow Air Squats

12-Minute AMRAP:

24x Elbows to Hands
12x Depth Charges

In Elbows to Hands, focus on staying tight through your midsection (indeed, all through your "anterior chain": particularly thighs and stomach).

In Depth Charges, focus on losing the elastic reaction that helps you spring out of the hole. After the jump, either absorb your landing and reset, or go directly back into your next repetition. If jumping is no good, that's okay. You'll still get a nice effect from doing a 5-second eccentric squat to the bottom and popping out to the top.

Good Luck!


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